How to Use Growers High Porosity

Growers High Porosity soil blend has a unique mix of coco, peat and perlite that makes for an excellent medium. However with its unique features comes a little bit of learning.

Compared to other media out there, we have some guidelines for maximizing your plants’ potential when you plant it in some High Porosity.

How to use Growers High Porosity

High Porosity (HP) holds more water in the first week of vegetative growth compared to other media. This requires slightly less watering.

With that in mind, transplant your rooted cutting into a 3-4 inch pot. We recommend smaller pots because they allow great root development before your secondary transplant.

Hand water the first day, the third day and the fifth day, being sure to maintain proper room humidity and temperature. After the fifth day, you begin using flood and drain or drip irrigation for proper watering.

After roots have shown in the bottom of the pot, continue your plants’ vegetative growth until they are 8 to 12 inches tall, at which point they should be fully root bound and ready to transplant into your next size container.

Transplanting into High Porosity

For 1-4 ounce plants, 3 gallon containers are the most appropriate. Transplant your 3-4 inch pot into a 3-gallon pot and use the same watering strategy as earlier. First day, third day, fifth day and additionally the seventh day.

After the seventh day roots should be coming out of the bottom. Continue to water every other day from this point until the plant is fully rooted in your pot. You may then water them once a day with drip irrigation, flood and drain, or by hand should you choose.

For 4-28 ounce plants, a 7-gallon pot is ideal. When using 7 gallon pots, we like to start with 4 inch pots over 3 inch pots. Grow the plants out until they are about 12 inches tall and then transplant directly into the 7-gallon. ( The same technique is also used for 10 and 15 and 20 gallon pots.)

Veg your plant to standard height.  Depending on your variety, this can be anywhere between 18 and 48 inches. Then initiate flower.

Note: If you have to use flood and drain from the beginning, do this:

Pre-wet your soil. One way to do this is to pot your 3 and 4 inch pots and flood it halfway, then let it drain.

The preferred method is top feed watering with a standard water wand. Transplant your plants, then flood again halfway in three days. As soon as roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot you can set an automated watering schedule for once every day.