Growers Breakdown: What goes into a bag of soil?

Soil is more than just dirt, and sometimes has no dirt at all. Get a breakdown of what’s in a bag of soil, and a bag of Growers.

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What is Perlite?

You might have noticed a bunch of popcorn-like rocks inside a bag of Growers High Porosity. That’s perlite. What is perlite? It’s simple, really. Perlite…

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Soilless vs. Soil-Based Growing

The industrial revolution paved the way for agricultural methods that made production faster in ways that had previously not been possible. Conventional farming methods were…

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Benefits of Growing in Coco

Coco coir is the medium you have been looking for. You just might not have known it. It’s easy to just grab a bag of…

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How to Use Growers High Porosity

You got yourself a bag, now it’s time to get growin’.

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Why You Should Consider Growing Soilless

Growing in a soilless media has its benefits. But it isn’t without its cons either.

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What Is Coco Coir?

Coco coir is renewable, reusable and just generally a great medium. But why?

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Compared to what I was seeing in my old soil, I’m seeing a 30% increase in production with High Porosity. Even with my vegetables, they’re thriving in Growers.